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Conceived especially for the Veterinary Ophthalmologist, the BPM-300, provides complete ERG and VEP testing when used with a Windows computer at a fraction of the cost of competitive products. Although primarily intended to assist in screening patients for cataract surgery, it is sophisticated enough to provide accurate data in the research environment as well.
• Designed to be extremely easy to operate using either a keyboard or mouse pointing device, it features a sleek, intuitive interface based on the popular BPM-100 & BPM-200 systems.
• No special attention to room shielding is required.
• Lightweight and hand-held, its integrated full-color stimulator makes testing simpler and more convenient. Adjustable intensity, flicker rate, and background illumination provide a wide range of optic stimulation. A trigger for the Grass™ PS22E (or later) Photic Stimulator is available as an optional interface cable.
• Electrode impedance measurements (recording, reference & indifferent) can be performed at any time from within the test environment.
• As many as 256 tests can be averaged to improve accuracy and suppress noise.
• Incoming data can be automatically 'rejected' (not included in the averaged data set) if contaminated by blink, muscle contraction, etc.
• Up to 4 cursors can be applied to each waveform to provide precise amplitude and implicit time measurements.
• A "hard copy" of waveform data can be printed on any WindowsTM compatible printer.
• Improved data management permits virtually unlimited waveform capacity and rapid client record access.
The BPM-300 is offered with USB and ground cables, software, electrode test simulator, rugged carrying case, and shipping within the contiguous 48 states - at USD3,480.00, exclusive of electrodes, applicable sales tax, customs, and duties.
The BPI-50 provides a precision red and blue light source for Veterinary Ophthalmology general and diagnostic use.
• Extremely easy to operate; full control with just 2 push buttons.
The BPI 50 is offered with manual, charger, storage pouch, and shipping within the contiguous 48 states,
- at USD350.00, exclusive of applicable sales tax, customs, and duties.
• Microprocessor controlled.
• Completely self-contained; no bulky cables or umbilicals.
• Small and lightweight; easily fits in pocket.
• No adjustments required; accurate and repeatable.
• Photometrically balanced illuminance (CIE 1931 photopic luminosity function).
• Precision optics with a well-defined beam puts light exactly where you want it.
• Automatically timed, 10 second high intensity output for safety and long battery life.
• Rechargeable Lithium ion battery; no batteries to replace.
• Power LED indicates battery condition.
• Comfortable atraumatic contact points. Ball-tipped posts and very blunt lower blade achieve superb patient comfort and minimize ptosis risk. Warmer and softer than metal alternatives.
• Feather weight adds to comfort and reduces torsion that can cause metal instruments to strain lids and twist out of position.
• Open view between posts directly to lower blade for more controlled, accurate placement under lids while inserting.
• Cranium hugging profile helps to provide excellent temporal approach access for cataract procedure etc.
• Non-magnetic. Like titanium, plastic features no magnetic "jump" when picking up stainless steel suturing needles.
• Non-metallic. No interference with ERG fields.
The Plastic Lid Specula are offered as a package of 10 at US$40.00, exclusive of applicable sales tax, customs, and duties.
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• When used with a laptop or notebook computer, the system is easily portable. The system is powered by its USB connection to the PC, so no additional power supply is needed.
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• Two sizes for small (PLS-100) and large (PLS-101) animals.